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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Consider this when you hire a home inspector

Choosing a Home Inspector
Before you hire a home inspector there are several factors you should consider:
• Ask if they carry Errors & Omissions Insurance - this helps protect you in the event an inspector missed or misdiagnosed a component of the home that the inspector is required to inspect according to industry standards.
• Look for inspectors who offer General Liability Insurance as an added layer of protection for you and your client - An inspector who doesn't carry general liability insurance does not protect against property damage in the event the inspector damages your property before or after inspecting the home.
• Request training qualifications - Training is a key to a proper home inspection. Many inspectors may not have received formal training. Training limitations can lead to potential problems for you in the event something is not properly inspected.
• Seek out inspectors who meet industry and/or state standards - Hiring an inspector who does not adhere to industry or state standards could result in missing thousands of dollars in problems, costing you additional money, time, or aggravation.
• Identify inspectors who are impartial - Impartiality during the inspection process helps to avoid raising unnecessary alarm; the inspector should remain objective while communicating the inspection findings in a professional, non-threatening manner.

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