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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New homeowner?Here is the basics. A toolbox. There is nothing more tiring than having to search for the tool you need. Keep everything together and you'll never waste time hunting for the right tool. Hammer. It seems basic enough, and it is. If for nothing else, you'll need it to hang all your artwork and pictures. Level. From hanging pictures to framing a garage, a level is a must. Screw Driver. You'll need more than one! Be sure you have multiple sizes of both phillips-head and flat-blades. Plyers. Have you ever tried to disconnect a fitting on a pipe? Hand Saw. Many handymen prefer power tools, but for those remote spots with no electrical access, you can always count on a hand saw. Tape Measure. How long does that new counter-top need to be? Do we have room for the couch to fit through the front door? Exactly. Use a tape measure. Wire cutters. To cut wires.
Cordless Drill and Bits. It's perfect for the ladies that need a little extra oomph to finish a project.
Utility Knife. This is great for cutting exact edges.
This is just a starter kit. There is a tool for practically every need, so over time, your tool box will grow!

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