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Friday, March 4, 2011

As we approach the edge of winter, and arrive upon the edge of spring, thoughts of selling your home tends to become stronger. March is here already, and if you are considering selling your home, you might want to do now

In my area, we are still experiencing a buyers market. Inventory is still up with more homes being added to the mix daily.

Be the tiger, attack your home selling plan with a purpose. Get the house ready and on the market before you have more competition to contend with. Get it ready to sell. Here are some tips that will get it ready to sell:

* Paint will go a long way to improving your homes appeal. Lighter more neutral colors are a safer choice, the brighter, bolder colors do not appeal to the masses.
* Don't forget to look up and paint the ceilings if needed.
* Clean your carpets, or replace them if they are in bad condition.
* Clean everything, and de-clutter as much as possible.
* Make space in your closets by removing any clothing that will not be needed until you move.
* Pack anything you do not need and label the boxes. When It comes time to move, you will be one step ahead of the packing process. Rent a storage unit to hold these items and extra furniture
* General repairs like dripping faucets, cracked molding, squeaky doors, anything that is broken or loose should be fixed.

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