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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Take good pictures

Why isn’t my home selling? We know, it's the economy, right? Partially, but not completely. Many homes sell within a few months, some in as little as a week. So what is the problem with the houses that don't sell? Ask any home stager, or look through the MLS ( Multiple Listing Services) pictures, and you will find the answer.
Assuming that the home is priced correctly and is in a good location, the reason it remains on the market could lie in the photos posted on the Internet. Since over 80% of potential home buyers begin their searches on line pictures of homes for sale are critical. If the photographs present the home poorly many buyers won't even consider visiting the house in person. The list below highlights just some of the problems displayed in pictures that are costing home sellers thousands of dollars. These examples are from actual listings.
• Too much furniture makes the rooms appear smaller and hides the home's features.
• Outdated or very large furniture. Clutter on kitchen and bathroom counters. (Please put the toothpaste in a drawer).
• Toilet seat left up. Dishes in sink
• A cluttered or messy office, can't even see the desk
• A bed with such huge lumps under the spread that it looked like a body was under it.
• Floral, cowboy, rooster, ivy or any wallpaper design that was from another decade.
• A big screen tv blocking a window.
• A tv left on when photographing the room. It just looks tacky.
Before listing your home look at the home thoroughly to avoid these mistakes

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